About Us

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Voujon is a family run modern Indian restaurant with overwhelming experience in authentic Indian cuisine. Situated in Worcester and promises to elevate Indian cuisine into new heights with a warm and inviting ambiance, dedication to service and exceeding our guests’ expectations. We offer fresh, innovative Indian cuisine at affordable prices, from a wide selection of grilled items cooked in our traditional clay oven as well as exquisite curry dishes featuring meats, seafood and vegetables simmered in savoury sauces that are spiced to order.

We seat a comfortable 100 guests in a two floor restaurant while showcasing a dazzling use of colour and Indian Art throughout with distinctive architecture and design features with a stylish décor and subtle Indian touches with classical Indian music fill the space perfectly complementing the tasteful ambiance.

Dining Experience

“If you are looking for more than just a dining experience then let Voujon whisk you away on a journey of Eastern allure in the heart of Worcester. The rich opulence, the authenticity and remarkably brilliant service will provide you with more than just a dining experience, you will experience the true essence of India. “